Alive Login products are good for all login security protocols.

Security is required from the Internet to Spacenet and Alive Login products pave the way for all new topnotch login solution protocols. Multifactor In-Real-Time Authentication in under 10 seconds.

Alive Login AppLocker

Our latest Android applocker can now be purchased directly from our website. It is a one time fee. You buy, you own it! No subscription fees nor advertising. We take security and privacy to a whole new level. There are no back doors into any of our products. There is no real security if there are "back doors".

Login was once simple! Today, Trillions of dollars are stolen yearly from login related issues making login complicated, complex and time consuming!

  • Changing of password/pin code every 90 days
  • Multi-factor authentication protocol requirements
  • Complicated/difficult to remember passwords/pin codes
  • 100+ passwords/pin codes to remember and/or store securely
  • Combinations of upper/lower case letters, numbers and special symbols

Password Protocol Fatigue Defined

  • Lost/stolen security credentials
  • Multi-factors costing time and money
  • Lockout frustrations/irritation/depression
  • Inaccessibility/locked out from various protocols
  • Over 23 million global hacks on businesses every week
  • Multi-Factor authentication complications and confusion
  • Lost/forgotten password/pin code/username/email address/phone number
  • Personal/company/government data hijacked for ransom/blackmail/personal threats
  • Loss of credit/reputation/money/home/condo/property/real-estate/legal documents/photos 


Alive Login has many benefits for aerospace:

  • Only the authorized personnel can access aircraft and controls
  • Un-Hackable flight controls and systems
  • Wireless Health monitoring systems
  • Cost saving insurance benefits

747 Alive Login preflight check list and login

Every Aircraft needs Alive Login

Jenny Wright demonstrating AliveTM Login

Jenny Wright shows how easy AliveTM Login is to use. She just speaks the random words as they appear and that is it! Watch the very quick video to see how easy Alive Login's Alive Voice Match Random Word Revolver


This video provides a brief user's instructional operation of Alive Login's login functions and controls. This software allows the user to build and fortify their own custom authentication security system. We provide 226 Glottal stop words for clearer recordings for the Alive Voice Match Random Word Revolver Library. We have added similarity percentage controls, time option, word quantity and unlimited character pin code option . The software for both Windows and Android have numerous hidden authentications techniques and methods that only the user will know. AI will never crack our system when all 21+ Alive Voice Match Security Protocols are implemented. Add in our future 10+ Alive Biometrics technologies the hacker can just forget and go seek employment somewhere else. 


Voice activated Applocker security APP

Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

Alive Login is developing eleven Alive Biometric login methods. Our Applocker is our 1st. 

Alive Login Applocker demo

Alive Login in process

Alive Login Applocker demo 

Dean demonstrating Alive Login Applocker

     now available.
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ALIVE LOGIN uses Alive Biometrics 

Future of login is now here! 

Simple demo video

ALIVE LOGIN Simple, easy and extremely secure!



What we do

We provide Alive Voice Authentication Software for Windows, Android and ios


The SolarWinds security fiasco, which Microsoft president Brad Smith described as "the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen," may have begun, suggested former SolarWinds CEO Kevin Thompson when an intern first set an important password to "'solarwinds123" and then shared it on GitHub.

80% of Breaches are password related

Login is getting more more difficult and time consuming.  

Trillions of Dollars are being stolen via Internet

Dark internet is expanding at light speed with no sign of slowing down!


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